The Federation of Egalitarian Communities

The FEC is a union of Egalitarian Communities which have joined together in our common struggle to create a lifestyle based on Equality, Cooperation, and Harmony with the Earth.

Our Principles

Each of the FEC communities:

  • Holds its land, labor, income and other resources in common.
  • Assumes responsibility for the needs of its members, receiving the products of their labor and distributing these and all other goods equally, or according to need.
  • Practices non-violence.
  • Uses a form of decision making in which members have an equal opportunity to participate, either through consensus, direct vote, or right of appeal or overrule.
  • Actively works to establish the equality of all people and does not permit discrimination on the basis of race, class, creed, ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
  • Acts to conserve natural resources for present and future generations while striving to continually improve ecological awareness and practice.
  • Creates processes for group communication and participation and provides an environment which supports people's development.

Our Newest Communities

Rainforest Lab
4 Adults in The Olympic Peninsula, Washington State

The people at Rainforest Lab are dedicated to co-creating a community where people experience meaning and belonging; a place where people can explore their authenticity, ... Read More

5 Adults and 1 Child in Louisa, VA

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8 Adults and 4 Children in Washington, DC

Compersia is the DC branch of the Point A project, a project of the FEC which aims to cultivate ambitious, engaged, egalitarian communes in the ... Read More