41 Years, and Oz is on Fire

Yesterday, Twin Oaks celebrated its 41st anniversary. It was a great celebration as many members and ex-members came together to sing and play in the courtyard.

At dinner, a call came into the dining hall. In a few minutes there were whispers that there was a fire near our warehouse. Several of our members ran to find 3 fire trucks and a few local news crews standing next to a burning pile of lumber that was once our varnish shop, called Oz.

The building was mostly destroyed when the fire department arrived. They focused on keeping the flames from spreading to other buildings in our warehouse complex. We sent up pies to the firemen, and helped them plug their trucks into our water supply. There was nothing else we could do.

So we went ahead with our celebration, and danced in ZK. It was good party, and we are so very lucky that we did not lose a residence.

Folks are meeting today to figure out how to continue our work without the building, and to find the quickest way to rebuild. Already there is enthusiasm for a better building then the one we lost.

Twin Oaks is 41 Years Old... what a strange anniversary we had.



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