Community Seeker

Hi All:

I liked what I read on your website. I would like to begin an email and/or phone dialog to explore in depth what you are looking for in potential community members. If it appears we may have enough commonalities to warrant my visiting, I would welcome that opportunity.

I have lived in community for years and believe that adequate resources are available to feed, clothe, and shelter every human being on the planet. It is our collective self-centeredness which hinders the global movement towards a just society that embraces working toward the "common good of all"
...a just society...healthy food, sustainable development, ecological restoration,and universal human rights.

The challenge is to be willing to subjugate my ego enough to be able to "see" what truly is for the benefit of the "greater good" and change within myself that which obstructs the true such process is...

So, I do not want to "preach to the choir" nor convert you. My desire is to give you a little snapshot of my thoughts and begin an exploration of our compatiblity potential.

I look forward to hearing from you.
? Stephen
734-358-4640 (at&t cell)

My BIO (former work experience short form:=)
Advertising Sales, Marketing, and Design
AZ Tour Company owner & operator
Organic Farm*/ranch Facilities Maintenance 165 acres
Residential Electrical Experience
Intentional Community member
OTR Owner/Operator Class A CDL (truck driver)
*Experience with EM
(Dr. Teruo Higa, Effective Microorganisms