Experienced Gardener Wanted at Skyhouse

Skyhouse is looking for an experienced gardener to join us in growing food for our table for the 2009 season. Our ideal person would have some experience in growing organic vegetables and a desire to organize and manage the garden from April to November. Ability to work independently and collaboratively a must. We have currently been growing and storing most of our vegetables for our group of approximately 8 and hope to continue that this year.

In exchange for your work in the garden we would provide a room in our off-grid strawbale home, organic vegan meals, and would cover basic expenses. You'd also help out with cooking, cleaning and other rotational chores and could of course join in with other work that interested you (food processing, natural building, etc.)

Skyhouse is a small income-sharing communal group within the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. In many ways you would be joining both communities for the duration of your stay and would be part both of our tight-knit household and our ecologically focused village. While Skyhouse is a small group now we are looking to grow so long-term membership is also an option.

For more information see: www.skyhousecommunity.org and www.dancingrabbit.org

Contact us if you are interested or if you want more information.


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