Impossible tasks

Yesterday I was part of my 2nd system clean (this means I have managed to be somewhere else for the others.)

Now a system clean is more in depth than the usual clean of the nut house. At East Wind we clean the place constantly, and every weekend we clean it more. Every other month we clean it allot more. Funny as it seems we are relatively good about keeping the place in order for a bunch O' hippies.

But two days to do a system clean is almost not enough, in fact I don't think it is enough but somehow we pulled it off this weekend, and thats one of the most amazing things about community. So much of who we are can be shown in those who stand up and take on these giant tasks and complete them.

After 48 hours of constant work we had grunted, yelled, and felt let down by those who didn't help. We got covered in various nuts and seeds and laughed and bonded. Together overcame a large task and it's at that very moment that if you squint your eyes just right you will be blinded with community.

Is it always Nut butters that this happens? Nope! It happens all over, little groups and big groups - getting it done.

There will be no promotions for these accomplishments no, raises no notoriety... (ok maybe at least half of community will appreciate it) but it's not the reason why you do it.

I also think there is a positive backside to this when you do climb the mountain with a bunch of folks. You become closer and when you get the day off and get to party together at one of East Winds legendary festivals - your already bonded through you accomplishments.

To those who helped on that system clean this weekend. thank you - thank you - thank you! You manifested more than just a clean nut house.


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