It's snowing in minnesota

The first snowfall of the year arrived today but it's not sticking to the ground yet. Just a reminder for me to make sure that i pay my power bill. They don't charge for the heating here at my apartment but i take a reminder when i can get it.

I like the winter but this will be the first time i've spent one living here.. at least i won't have to shovel this year but i do miss having a yard. Apartments have their pros and cons just like any type of living and this is still new to me so i'm trying to be mellow and not anticipate too much.

I'm trying to quit smoking tobacco but i don't think i'll be able to pull that one off this winter but at least it will give me something to do while i'm shut-in for the upcoming season. I'll just excercise some common sense and avoid chain-smoking.. 2/3rds a pack a day per day isn't so bad for my age i guess but then again the snow will make excercise difficult - not impossible though.

I'm hoping that the next time i hang out with a good friend of mine from the area i can get him to take a photograph of me to upload to my profile. I really do hate having my picture taken but it's been a long time since i had any photos of myself and never had a digital one. It's time for people to know what i look like so i'll get that done soon.


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