Policy Proposal: Room Assignment Policy & New Member Placement

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Room Assignment Policy & New Member Placement
Draft - Bucket for Pop Gang - 12/8/08

Each SLG may give a brief summary of their SLG's norms and culture to the Room Assigner. They may also give the room assigner a single paragraph on what qualities they wish a resident of their SLG to posses.

When the room assigner is contacted by a new member for room placement upon their arrival to Twin Oaks, the room assigner will list all available rooms as potential options for the incoming new member, along with the information provided by the SLGs on their culture and their expectations of residents. The incoming new member may then choose which room they wish to occupy from those available.

The only exceptions will be that rooms reserved by the Child Board will not be listed as options and that men will not be placed in the Downstairs Oneida unless there are no other rooms available.

When a new member is placed in an SLG, the new member is not automatically given membership into the SLG. The new member must go through whatever process the SLG decides is necessary to become a member.

If the new member is not accepted into the SLG, or chooses to not apply, this member will not have the rights and privileges of SLG members unless the SLG chooses to grant this new member such privileges. For instance, new members who are not part of the SLG are not given the option to move into a larger room within the SLG when one becomes available. A new member who is not part of the SLG might not be allowed voting rights on SLG issues.

However, the new member does have the right to live in the room they were placed in by the Room Assigner indefinitely. The SLG cannot force this person out of the room they were placed in on arrival by the Room Assigner. This provision only applies to new members placed in such rooms by the Room Assigner. This does not apply to existing members applying to live in a new SLG. Once the new member has moved from the room they were originally placed in, their right to stay in a room indefinitely despite membership within the SLG is no longer in place.

For SLGs that wish to be highly selective of their membership, it is recommended that they rapidly fill their empty rooms with existing members. These SLGs are also encouraged to build waiting lists when they are full so that they can fill unexpected vacancies quickly.

In the event of a new vacancy, an SLG may ask the Room Ass that they be given up to 3 weeks from the time of the vacancy to find a new SLG member. If a new SLG member has not been found in that time, the room will become available for the placement of incoming new members by the room assigner.


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