Politics at Twin Oaks

Politics at Twin Oaks

By Valerie Renwick-Porter

Here at Twin Oaks, we generally consider ourselves beyond
conventional conversation restraints; this becomes immediately
obvious by listening to a mealtime discussion of the lurid details of
gruesome symptoms related to the latest sickness going around.

When it comes to talking about politics, it becomes a little more
complicated. There are certain topics that we can all discuss with
ease and generally agree upon. However, somehow there are others that
are more like opening a can of worms while walking through a field of

Acceptable: Global warming and polar icecap melt

More delicate: What temperature to set the communal hot-water
heater, and the ecological implications of using ice-cubes

Acceptable: Obama versus Hillary

A bit trickier: Organic versus Local

Acceptable: Increasing water shortages and the evils of the bottled-
water industry

Tread carefully: The fact that a certain communard-who-shall-remain-
nameless replaced the low-flow shower head with one that delivers the
approximate force and volume-per-minute of Niagara Falls, without any

Acceptable: The discriminatory aspects of impending US immigration

Walking on eggshells: Our membership process about whether to
accept that controversial visitor from the last visitor period

Acceptable: Gay marriage

Call in the Process Team: Your lover announces a desire to form a
polyamorous triad with that statuesque blonde who arrived as a new
member last week...


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