Skyhouse Community Report

Juan here, reporting on Skyhouse's comings and goings and doings since the last FEC assembly in February at East Wind.

The biggest news in Skyhouse is that Skyhouse will be welcoming a new member in March, as Amy & I are pregnant. Preparations and modifications are being made to room layouts to accomodate the new one, and we had a significant amount of fun calling my family in Argentina to let them know the news.

Skyhouse has been having some practice with children, however, as Ma'ikwe Ludwig and her son Jibran are renting a room in Skyhouse; I, for one, am happy that we have ten years before our child is his age. Dan Steinicke, a former member of Dancing Rabbit, returned and is also renting a room for the winter.

We had our first strong contenders for Skyhouse adult membership since Cecil left when Lauren and Shannon, a couple from Philadelphia, expressed an interest in us. After Amy and I met them briefly in Philly, Skyhouse decided to forego our usual method of encouraging interested folks to visit Dancing Rabbit, and instead hosted them directly. Their visit was pleasant, and it seemed like they might be a good fit for Skyhouse. Unfortunately, they decided to take a different path, and have not returned.

We've done a lot of travelling, as well. Tony went to the Art of Community and the FIC conference in May. Much family-related
travelling ensued, with visiting of parents and friends all over the country.

On the business side of things, Tony has continued his hard work on the FIC's website, and Amy and I built the online store for the
Milkweed Mercantile ( A dream of Alline Anderson and Kurt Kessner of Dancing Rabbit, the Mercantile's physical building isn't finished yet. But when it is, it will be host to a bed and breakfast, a cafe and a general store. Skyhouse is now extremely close to seeing the last of the debt it incurred building our house go away, and I for one, can't wait.

Another exciting change is that as the Mercantile gets closer to opening, Amy is transitioning into her new career as Innkeeper. She is choosing reservation software, writing up guest policies, and setting room rates in preparation for the big opening in the spring. Alline is sending her to an Aspiring Innkeeper training in Colorado this January so she can get some hands-on skills as well.

Speaking of hosting, Puck from Twin Oaks also paid us a visit in October and helped us out for a while. He helped us with firewood and sorting our canned goods for the winter along with a few other Rabbit's projects as well. Thanks, Puck, it was great to have you around and we hope to see you again soon.

This month, Skyhouse cohosted the most recent FEC assembly, and we tried to make Paul and Ethan as welcome as we could. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy week, so we were in conservation mode. Still, we learned a fun new game called Fluxx and hosted a big "End of Bush" party in our home. We hope everyone had a great time!

Finally, Skyhouse is looking for a garden work exchanger for 2009. We need someone with gardening experience who is interested and able to manage the whole garden. They would have help from folks in our co-op, but need to be able to work fairly independently. In exchange, we would cover all the basic expenses while they are here. This would include a room in Skyhouse, food from our co-op, co-op fees, reasonable vehicle use and more. However we wouldn't be able to offer LEX for the duration since it's many months of living with us. Ideally it would be someone who is considering moving to our community. Know someone? Drop us a line at


Stephen 1 year, 1 month ago

Are you aware of any established Christian communities that have available living spaces for an evangelical believer and my cat Gauss who are being led to lead a nomadic existence? I need a base of operations for logistical and spiritual support, mentoring and guidance.

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