Week One at Acorn

I'm starting to settle in over here, which is nice feeling. Unpacking, moving all that transitional stuff is pretty hard for me. I like to feel pretty rooted.
All that being said, it's been so wonderful here for me. I love the business, and this farm and most everything about it. I'm glad to be a part of it again.

Joan and I went all around yesterday evening harvesting herbs, identifying wild stuff, checking out the berry bushes/trees and watching the Tina James'
Magic Evening Primroses open ( I even got some video) and get pollinated by these moths that are huge and look just like hummingbirds. They are so
focused on the flowers which almost glow in the twilight that you can put your hand underneath them and they'll hang on to you while they're at the flower.

Of course, I've blogged about all this already, but it just is so exciting and feels so good. The photos of all this stuff is at http://acornista.blogspot.com

Here are some things I haven't already mentioned. We are doing a very exciting MAJOR cleanup project! Building by building, once a month (so were not to overwhelmen and not so infrequent that we lose interest) we are going to some serious organizing and getting rid of junk- One thing that happens living on the commune,
everyone and their brother wants to "donate" all the stuff they can't use themselves anymore. Plus all the members household stuff (unless going back and forth
like some communards do) ends up here too. And what are we here at Acorn? A bunch of pack rats, shuffling items off to corners, when the corners pile up they
get shuffled off to longer term, em, storage. But with all the current interest in organization- we'll be able to move stuff out for good. We're hoping to do a yard sale type
of deal with some things that may have more value, and freecycle and lastly- stuff will go to the dump.

What is most exciting to me, is the sort of rejuvination that is occuring. Finding our vision, figuring out how to go about achieving it-and all the long conversations that go with it- Everyone is into it. And we're doing it. It feels wonderful. And it feels like home.

Check out my blog for photos, lots more will be coming soon!


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