Why is it impossible for community members to find help when unjustly evicted from our homes?

The Yonderfamily / Yonder's Farm community self destructed a couple of years ago when Yonder decided to throw out 15 years of agreements with everybody, & targeted those who'd done the most for eviction.

I wrote the FIC for help. I recieved a reply, asking what did I expect them to do!

I would have thought it was obvious!

  1. Put a warning on Yonder's listing until such time as he'd worked out something equitable with the dispossessed members.

  2. Do a little research on the community.... Talk to Yonder about the importance of keeping the trust, and not harming the community movement by robbing people.....

  3. And finally provide a compiled list of resources for us to turn to in our hour of need.

When your community screws over everybody who comes through, people will get burned-out on community, believing that they'll be screwed over at any of them. You will end up with the kind of people that nobody wants, as the lack of decency will discourage the generous hard-workers.

I wrote to communities in the area, & NOBODY would talk to me.

I put up a forum for the dispossessed members to talk about our experience, & Yonder got it shut down by claiming slander!

People need to know what to expect! If I'd been warned, I could have avoided being robbed of everything that I spent 15 years building!

Why is there no discussion about the importance of taking care of our fellow community members?

If you had scammers drifting through, I trust that you'd warn other communities.... I think this is just as important.

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