You know you've lived on a commune when...

You know you've lived on a commune when... share a Netflix subscription with 4 or more people. have no idea what Netflix is or a member of your family has ever answered to the name Sage,
Harmony or Rainbow know the Briggs-Meyer, Enneagram or Aryuvedic dosha type of
everyone you live with've ever given or received feedback while naked, with someone
other than your lover share a checkbook with 5 to 75 other people

...dinner conversation turns to reminiscing about your favourite
McDonalds food before you stopped eating there. The longest-term
member thinks they ate there once in the 80's. cringe at the phrase "high impact", because you want to get as
far away from those people as possible, or because you *are* one of
those people've ever organized an orgy by consensus've decided when to hold a retreat based on the most auspicious
astrological reading

...your household income breaks down to either $75 a month, or
$250,000 annually, depending on how you look at it

Eight of the above are true for Valerie, who wrote this.


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