An appreciation a day

When i lived in Brno, over a dozen years back, someone gave me a blank handmade book.  I decided that i would try to come up with a good idea every day and write it down in this new empty book.  The problem was not coming up with the ideas, my over active imagination was pretty good at that.  The problem was that good ideas call out for action and implementation, more than i could give.  Good ideas need love.  After a couple of weeks i bailed on this practice.

Last night while walking around the Twin Oaks campus i saw that Marta and Roberto (who are our safety managers) had installed a couple of new path lights between Morningstar and ZK.  These are the solar powered ones which dont require power lines running to them and can be placed anywhere.  This particular stretch is problematic, because on a dark night the curvy path runs into several trees.  You can see vaguely where you are going, but oft crash in to things.

i thought to myself, i should send them an appreciation.  Which i did.

But then i got thinking some more.  i could do this every day.  i could send a short appreciation to someone here in the community who was doing something which improved our or my quality of life and it would be a wise use of my time – both thinking about it and expressing it.

Central to the Honest Seduction philosophy is the idea that we dont write enuf love letters.  That there are many in our lives who we appreciate, respect and/or care for and we fail to communicate it to them and that one of the most accessible sources for remedying this is writing more love letters.

So unable to follow up on the nagging daily good ideas, i have decided to go for something more accessible, yet still valuable.  i am going to write a handful of appreciation letters and dole them out one a day for the next while and see if i can create a habit of it.