Thankful for …

i am thankful that i live in an intentional community where i dont have to worry about crime, unemployment or headachy bosses.  Twin Oaks is also a place which supports my peculiar life style, has a tiny carbon footprint (for rich world countries) and is a model of how the world can be better.

i am thankful for the Stars and the network of intimates which support me in my adventures both heroic and absurd.

Sky, Hawina, Willow, myself – bridge in Rome – circa 2012

i am thankful for my good health and a genetic make up which appears to have me age more slowly than my chronological peers.

i am thankful for a talented and amusing set of political allies who help me fight nuclear reactors, push back on sexism, build community and hustle ideas that with some luck (and serious tenacity) might just get us out of this incredible jam.

i feel quite lucky and as one friend said “your life would not make credible fiction”, i would not have it another way and i am thankful for that.