Systems & Structures - Acorn

We are a small, laid-back community in central Virginia. We are 8 years young, and still evolving as we grow and learn, and play and work together. Our recreation includes hackey-sack, hot tubs, and campfires. Our main income source is our mail-order seed business, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, which specializes in heirloom and open-pollinated varieties. Acorn lies on 72 acres of beautiful, newly certified organic land, which borders on the South Anna River. Our other businesses are hammocks and our Tinnery where we make recycled functional craft-art from tin cans.
AC-A1 Sample Letter to Visitors $0.20  
Letter sent to people inquiring about Acorn. It includes an overview of the community and their cultural norms, a list distinguishing three categories of visitors, a description of how to arrange a visit, and guidelines for visitors.
AC-A2 Visitor Liason Job $0.10  
A description of Acorn's visitor liaison job.
AC-A3 Membership Application Questions $0.10  

Letter sent to people applying for membership. It includes a list of questions that Acorn members ask prospective members.


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