Systems & Structures - Alpha Farm

Alpha Farm, while not a member of the Federation, is an income sharing community which meets all the requirements for Federation membership. The community was founded in 1972 and has averaged 15 to 20 members.
AF-A History
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Alpha, A Prospectus $0.60  
The Prospectus, aimed at attracting early support for the development of the community, describes the values and visions of the group, the locating of property in Oregon, and an outline of the financial situation.


Initiation and Early History $0.80  
Describes the first five years of community's history; moving to Oregon, their first business, relations with neighbors, overcoming early hardships.
AF-B Government
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Bylaws $0.30  
Legal document describing purposes and policy. Subheadings include: Governance, Membership, Finances.


Governance $0.40  
Paper that supplements the bylaws by further explaining its provisions as practiced, especially regarding consensus government and member finances.


Work and Planning $0.30  
Short paper discussing the connection between good planning and work.


Support and Conversation $0.30  

A guide to personal behavior and social interaction.


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