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Established in the early 1980's Appletree was a Federation community for seven years. During its period as a communal group it did much work to create systems of fairness. Where most small communities rely on trust and oral agreements Appletree worked to make explicit what equality would look like as the community grew to the greater numbers that were envisioned.
AT-A Government
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Bylaws $1.00  
The bylaws that the community used from 1984 to 1987. Subheadings include Purposes, Membership, Board of Directors, Officers, Decisionmaking, and Dissolution.


Draft Bylaws $1.30  

This is a draft version of the previous document and was not adopted for use. It contains some elements that were not carried forth to the final version.


Middle Ground Decisionmaking Policy $0.20  
Summary and example of how the community made all major decisions. This process replaced consensus.


Work Quota $0.20  
Explanation of work expectations, including quality standards, adjustments for illness, quota accounting, and work choice.
AT-F Visiting
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Visiting Appletree- Info for Visitors $0.20  
A handout for people visiting the community, explaining fees, work, household logistics, kitchen and food, childcare.


Visiting Appletree-Policy Summary $0.20  
Summary of policies concerning visitors and guests, especially written for answering correspondence inquiries.


Response to Federation Membership Questionnaire $0.60  
Shows how the community described itself in making its successful application for Federation membership. Note: you will need to order AT-A3 to make sense of this.
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