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East Wind was established in 1973 and has a population of approximately 75. It started out with a Twin Oaks-style planner/manager government, but has since evolved into a community with direct democracy and communal childcare. Major decisions are made by members voting at community meetings. Some management and committee positions are community elected while others are appointments. Community members work a quota of hours and have considerable freedom in organizing their work life.
EW-A Government
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Bylaws $0.80  
Legal document describing community policy. Subheadings include Purposes, Membership, Work, Distribution of income, Property code, Government, and Amendments.


Administrative Reorganization $1.60  
Legislation that created some changes in the community's administrative structure; Replaced some committees with managers and attempted to be more in line with typical co-op administration.
EW-B Economics
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Economic Agreements $0.70  
Collection of community policies in four major areas: labor, money and spending, personal property and leaves of absence.


1987 Annual Plan $2.30  
Example of how the community develops annual goals and detailed budgets through intensive community process. Subheadings include Objectives and Goals, Space Use, Income Projections, Expense Projections, Profit Use, and Labor Budgets.


Work Improvement Proposal $2.90  

Comprehensive description of how community work was organized and managed, delineating members' rights and responsibilities, and emphasizing opportunities for members to control their own work areas.


Raise in Allowances $0.10  

This legislation exemplifies change in the distribution of money, away from needs-based entitlements towards more personal allowance. Historically the question of distribution of resources is an ongoing issue at East Wind.


New Business Formation $0.20  

This outlines a process for the community to follow for starting a new business.


Long Range Plan $0.60  

Adopted in 1993, this plan was intended to be part of a more comprehensive plan. This part deals with domestic support areas.

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Policy on Sexual Harassment $0.20  
A policy developed to address the problem of sexual harassment.
EW-E Children
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Children's Program $0.30  
Overview of the policies and objectives of the child program written in a conversational style, and used in correspondence with people with children who are considering membership.


Values about Children $0.10  
Statement about adult/child interaction as it pertains expressing emotions. The basic premise being that emotions are okay and need to be expressed.


Visitor Information Packet $1.00  
 Comprehensive collection of information and expectations given to people visiting the community.
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