Systems & Structures - Ganas

Established in 1980, Ganas is an urban community located in Staten Island, New York. The community has three different population groups representing differing levels of involvement. Some members work outside jobs while some work in the community's businesses.
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GN-A1 Increasing Community Income $0.30  
Article which advocates improving community economics. It points out the importance of improving systems and procedures for production, administration and training. Other topics include diversification of income sources, the importance of a higher standard of living, suggestions for community businesses. The article also describes the economic base of Ganas.
GN-A2 Intentional Communities as Laboratories for Learning About Direct Democracy $0.40  
Article that discusses aspects of small living group democracy. Topics include Problems with Cooperative Self-governing, Why intentional communities are motivated to build a better world and the Ganas Experiment with Feedback Learning.
GN-A3 Ganas Community $0.60  
A comprehensive description of the community including physical facilities, population groups, economic objectives, decisionmaking, organizational structure, approach to problem solving.
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