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Response to FEC Membership Questionnaire KR-B

Owners Of property

1) Who holds legal title to the land?

2) What is held in common, and what is owned by the individual? If anything is owned privately, are there any restrictions on what kind or how much?

3) What happens to the communities assets if it decides to disband?


4) What is the procedure for becoming a member? Are there any membership requirements? Do you accept children, and if so, at what point do children become members?

5) How many members do you currently have? How long have they been members? What is the most you have had at one time? How many members do you intend to have? How long has the group been in existence?

6) Under what conditions could someone lose one's membership? What would the expulsion procedure be?


7) How do you organize your income producing and domestic work? How do you decide who does what?

8) Do members take vacations, and if so, how is it decided who goes when and for how long?


9) How do you make money? What is the communities gross annual income? How do you foresee making money in the future?

10) How do you decide to spend money?

11) Do members get money to spend on themselves? If so, how is it decided who gets how much? If members get different amounts, what are these amounts based on?

Decision Making

12) How are major decisions made?

13) How can existing decisions be changed?

Health, Affiliation, and Welfare

14) How does your community deal with members' major and minor medical problems?

15) Does your community have any religious affiliation or creed?

16) What does the group provide for its members, and what are members expected to provide for themselves?

17) How does the group deal with members who do not follow group rules or norms? How does the group deal with acts of physical and verbal violence?

Fec Membership Answers

1) We live in a land under the Mexican Ejido system. It is not private property, but people have the right to enjoy the land as long as they work on it. It is similar to the Kibbutzim situation.

2) Everything is held in common except the individual private rooms and their contents. Nobody has possessions which constitute unjustified privileges.

3) See the section on Dissolution in the bylaws.

4) a) See page 4 in our statute
b) To become a member one has to agree about our goals and means.
c) At the moment we only accept children two years old or younger. The children are considered minor members. They may become full members at the age of 16 years.

5) We currently have 4 1/2 members:
2 full (7 years)
1 minor (2 years)
1 provisional
1/2 to be born in October
In total we have 13 members, The most we have had at one time is 8. We expect to become about 500. We started our community in June of 1976.

6) One may lose membership for gross deviations of the communities norms (see bylaws). The procedure for expulsion is the same as that of any other important decision. That is through general assembly. (see bylaws)

7) Every member has a defined role of work (see work roles in the bylaws). All decisions go through the same procedure.

8) One has the right of four weeks of vacation every year.

9) The basic income of the community comes from social work with the poor peasants, promoting appropriate development and technology. At this time the community gross annual income is (don't laugh) $ 2,400 US dollars.

10) See "Decision Making Mechanism" in the bylaws.

11) In theory every member gets a very small amount for personal use. Whenever someone gets more it is due to " According to each persons needs."

12) See "Decision Making Mechanism" again in the bylaws.

13) See section XIII (amendments) in the bylaws.

14) The community pays for the medical services of its members.

15) Our Community does not have any particular religious affiliation or creed but tries to extract and put together the best part of every religion and creed.

16) The group tries to provide everything for its members.

17) See section VI on behavior

Krutsio Community
Apartado Postal 2228
Ensenada, Baja California
Mexico 22800

October 1983


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