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Mettanokit, while no longer a communal group, was a member of the Federation for four years. This collection of documents emphasizes childrearing and interpersonal relations. The group valued a sense of family with commitment to each other. While there was an expectation of shared work loads there was no labor accounting. Decisions were made by consensus.
MN-A Government
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Community Agreements $0.40  

These agreements cover the areas of Cooperation, Cooking and Cleaning, Sex guideline, Smoking, Drugs, and Money.


Ideas of One Small Family $0.50  
The philosophy and workings of an intentional community. Sections include "What makes us different?", Becoming a member", "Family Economy", "Young people". A concise statement of philosophy focusing on the community's special approaches to childrearing, work, art, spirituality.
MN-B Children
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Childcare Sign-up Sheet $0.10  
Example of form used by the community to organize childcare over a ten-day period, dividing slots evenly among the adult members with each one choosing their own preferred time.


Joyous Childrearing $0.20  
Outline of a workshop the community offers on improving parenting skills. It illustrates community philosophy and approach to raising their own kids.


Home Education Proposal $0.50  
Sample of yearly proposal for homeschooling accepted by state officials, outlining a tentative curriculum, rationale for homeschooling, and qualifications of community members to act as instructors.


Our Homeschooler Goes to School $0.50  
Article written about the community's ten-year old deciding to attend public school for the first time, and the sensitive negotiations surrounding this decision, showing how the child, community adults, teachers, and local school officials all played important roles.


Visitor Correspondence $0.20  
Information sent to people in correspondence with the community about the possibility of visiting. It describes visitor policy and provides information about the community.


Response to Federation Questionnaire $0.40  
Shows how the community described itself in making its successful application to the Federation.
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