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Visitor Correspondence MN-C

Visitor Correspondence MN-C

Mettanokit Community
Another Place, Rt. 123
Greenville, NH 03048
(603) 878-3117

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in Mettanokit Community. We are a group of people seeking, by mutual support, to be an alternative society based on trust, cooperation, freedom, and appreciation. We have affirmed our commitment to create the environment of our highest common vision through this simple agreement:

We agree to respect all beings and spirits in the universe as our teachers and to care for our sacred earth. We trust ourselves. We trust the process of attunement to solve all problems and conflicts among us. We accord each other freedom, support, appreciation, respect, and full power without regard to age, sex, race, personality, intelligence, or history. We seek by living simply and by sharing, to heal the earth, recreate society and hasten the spiritual transformation of humankind.

We welcome visitors. Since we host events here, we ask you to call or write first to be sure your visit fits well into our schedule.

We ask visitors to:
- Be clear about how long you would like to stay when you contact us. Usually, initial visits are from one day to one week long. If, after you arrive, you want to extend your visit beyond the agreed upon time, please discuss it with us.

- Volunteer to help us with our work while you are here. Ask what there is to be done. Take the time to discuss your visions and history with us.

- Contribute financially as you are able. (We suggest $10 per night per adult, more or less as you can afford.)

-Know that one of our goals is the empowerment of all people. We solve differences through problem solving techniques and a lot of loving compassion. We are dedicated to no-one-loses solutions to problems with other folks who are so dedicated. Major community decisions are made by consensus of family members.

If you are interested in the possibility of joining a community and would like to check us out, we ask you to follow the guidelines above and talk to one or more of us about how we welcome new members. We are members of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities, an organization of 6 communities, and would be happy to send you information about the other member communities.

May this season find you filled with joy and purpose.

In Peace,

Mettanokit Community
Another Place, Rt. 123
Greenville, NH 03048
(603) 878-3117

Mettanokit Community is a group of people living together intentionally, creating a society which mirrors our true human nature as loving, cooperative, zestful, intelligent, creative beings.

We live on 15 acres of land in southern New Hampshire. While we have no organized religious creed or affiliation, we hold a strong vision of peace and work towards ending oppression of human beings by human beings. Presently there are 13 members, who have lived here from 5 years to 3 months. Approximately 12 former members maintain an "extended family" relationship with us.

Parenting is shared by all interested community members for our 3 children. We work with local school authorities to homeschool our children and consider the quality of attention they get carefully. We believe that all the "isms" we live with (sexism, racism, class oppression) are built on ageism and we work constantly to uplevel the quality of our time with young people.

Young people are welcome at all meetings and are included in decision making processes when they wish. The resource that 10 adults provide these 3 children give them a varied educational and cultural opportunity.

We support ourselves with various community-owned businnesses. All members are expected to work about 50 hours a week, with a flexible guideline of 30 hours on income-producing projects and 20 hours of domestic work, including childcare, cooking, cleaning, family meetings. All income is shared by all members of the community.

Our community businesses include:

Another Place Conference Center
Our educational arm, produces wholistic conferences. We also maintain a center which is rented to other organizations whose philosophies are similar to ours. A whole foods catering service works to provide quality vegitarian food to groups outside the community and caters our own events.
Fantasy Futons: Manufacturing, retailing, and wholesaling 100% cotton mattresses and distributing bed furniture.
Mettanokit Outreach: A lecture, workshop, and storytelling service which travels worldwide.
Story Stone: Producing a quarterly cassette magazine of children's stories.
Bell Studio: A sophisticated recording studio which is available to local musicians and storytellers.
New Edge: A publishing company which does typesetting, layout, and design.

PLAY important to us. We often learn new games, sing and dance together. Visitors tell us we are among the silliest people they have met and we are very proud of that distinction. We realize that as adults, playing is partly a relearning and we are fortunate to have young people here who help us recover our playspirit.

Major decisions are made by consensus at weekly family meeting or at specially called meetings. Minor decisions are made by individuals and responsibility for various aspects of the businesses and community is delegated at family meetings.

Although we are not in a hurry to grow, we welcome meeting new folks and are open to the possibility of new members. Interested persons are encouraged to schedule an initial visit of no more than a week to get a sense of the community. If they continue to be interested, a longer visit is planned and they are encouraged/expected to participate fully in the work, meetings, and fun. At the end of this visit they are assisted by a member of the community to call a meeting and propose the length of their next stay. Each person is treated in a unique way in keeping with their circumstances. Feedback is giben to the proposal until it is modified to everyone's satisfaction (or refused). Community consensus is required.

The most important requirement that a potential member understand and be in agreement with our covenant, especially around what we call "working things out." Conflicts, problems, and disagreements are expected to be worked out with good will to a "no-lose" solution, which means all parties are willing to live with the solution. This assumes a certain level of communication skill and self-empowerment. All members must agree to work by consensus, share cooking, childcare, house cleaning and take responsibility for the ongoing welfare of the community. We are currently studying the use of consensus process among large groups and hope to continue to adapt our policy to fit our needs as we grow.

We appreciate the constant flow of visitors to our center. We ask all visitors to call or write us ahead of time, to share in the work and social activities of the community and to contribute financially to their room and board as they can afford. (We suggest a contribution of $10 per day).