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Our Communities

This pages contain information on FEC Full Members, Communities-in-Dialog, Allied Communities, communities interested in joining the FEC, and individuals seeking to form an FEC community.

Full Member Communities

Full Members of the FEC are communities that are fully in alignment with with the
FEC's principles, and contribute significant labor and money to the FEC.

Acorn Community

Founded: 1993
Location: rural Virginia
Population: 24 adults
A community of work and play, and distributing rare heirloom seed varieties.
East Wind

Founded: 1973
Location: rural Missouri
Population: 65 adults, 11 children
Doing things ourselves, individual freedom, stewarding our beautiful land.
Emma Goldman Finishing School

Founded: 1996
Location: urban Seattle
Population: 10 adults
A social justice commune in the heart of Seattle.
The Midden

Founded: 2008
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Population: 7 adults
A small yet established anti-authoritarian and egalitarian urban community.
Sandhill Farm

Founded: 1974
Location: rural Missouri
Pop: 6 adults, 1 child
Organic homestead & child-friendly family of friends with current openings for new members.
Twin Oaks

Founded: 1967
Location: rural Virginia
Population: 90 adults, 13 children
A long-term, stable community based on rich culture and diverse economy.


Communities-in-Dialog share most or all of the Federation principles and consider full membership as an option for the future.

Living Energy Farm (2010 October 23)

Approved: 01/08/2011
Founded: 2010
Location: Louisa, Virginia
Population: 4 adults
A growing fossil fuel free Community, Farm, and Education Center.
[email protected]
Contact: Alexis

Allied Communities

Allied Communities share many of the Federation's values but are not likely to consider full membership.

Ganas (2005 February 22)
139 Corson Ave.
Staten Island, NY 10301
718-720-5378; fax: 718-448-6842
[email protected]
Contact: Susan [email protected]

Terra Nova (2005 March 05)
1404 Gary St.
Columbia, MO 65203
573-874-6855 (2nd house)
[email protected]
Contacts: Claire, Hoyt
PEACH Melba: Evan

Walnut Street Co-op (2007 February 15)
1680 Walnut Street
Eugene, OR 97403
[email protected]
Contact: Tree [email protected]



New Communities Forming


Individuals Seeking Community

Individuals and couples who are serious about forming an FEC community may request a listing on this website.

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