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Sandhill Farm

A family of friends sharing 135 acres in northeast Missouri. Started in 1974, Sandhill is highly self-sufficient in our food production and resource usage.

The community income is derived from homegrown, value-added products (sorghum, honey, tempeh, mustard and condiments.) Some members also work for the FIC (communities activism), our farm manager is an organic farm inspector and, our founding member is a group process consultant.

Relations with the land and with each other are important: we try to live with less structure and more cooperation. We have housing for several new members. We hope eventually to be 12 adults with children.

Each year we host 6-10 interns who participate in soil building and organic agriculture, consensus-based decision making, community building, growing organic food, running community businesses, etc. For an application, see our website: www.sandhillfarm.org.

Sandhill Farm
Rt 1 Box 155
Rutledge MO 63563
Phone: 660-883-5543
Fax: 660-883-5545
email: [email protected]