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Begun in 1976, Krutsio is a very small community with a large vision. They live in a remote section of Baja California, yet consider themselves internationalists. They promote the use of Esperanto as a universal second language and have developed ideas about egalitarian systems with a view to being a model for the cellular, organic growth of communities worldwide.
KR-A Government
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Bylaws $1.10  
Legal document describing purposes and policies. Subheadings include Objectives, Means for development of the community model, Promoting Communal metamorphosis, Membership, Behavior, Government, Economy, Work, Property, Education, Norms, Amendments, and Dissolution.


Response to Federation Membership Questionnaire $0.50  
Shows how the community described itself in its application for Group in Dialog Status. Also included is a one-page description of the community in Esperanto. Note: you will need to order KR-A above to make sense of the answers.
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