Response To FEC Membership Questionnaire - Appletree


Response To Fec Membership Questionnaire AT-G

1. Either Appletree Commune (a non-profit corporation) or a land trust (yet to be developed) will own the land and whatever else we own in common.

2. Sec. 427

3. Sec 422

4. Sec's 422.5, 423, 425.5, and424
We do accept children, they become full members between ages 13 and 19, whenever they themselves decide to take that step.

5. A. Sec.423
B. Sec./ 423
C. As a commune 4 adults, 2 children (as a coop, our membership fluctuates between 10-15 people, total over 7 years of about 45 people)
D. commune 4 adults, 2 children (as a coop-15)
E. 10 to 25 people
F. Seven years

6. Sec 425

7. At present, we choose our own outside jobs and our own work at homme. When work we want done doesn't get done we set up a rotation. In somme areas we specialize (garden, canning, bookeeping).

8. Yes, we take vacations--we decide for ourselves when, where to, and for how long--vacations are paid for from spending money.

9. Sec 433
A. We work at outside jobs--do artwork, craft work, sewing, and computer software.
B. Impossible to answer as we are currently unemployed--past years have varied between $10,000 and $25,000.
C. See sec. on Money and Work in Appletree Commune brochure.

10. Sec 429.5
We use modified consensus process. Often we delegate specific expenditures to the person ost qualified. All of us may make decisions for less than $20.00 individually--over that amount we consult and get agreement beforehand.

11. Sec's 435.5 and 434
A. Yes, we purchase our own clothing, cigarettes, stationary, movies, books, alcohol, etc.
B. We are paid for all work credit hours (currently $.40 per hour).
C. Basic support is provided--food, housing, medical expenses. We determine by the amount of work credit activity that we do how uch money we have to spend on personal things.

12. We decide by consensus--with an agreement that if consensus can not be reached we will vote. We use that on both major and minor decisions. All of us make independent decisions in those areas of work that we take primary responsibility for. We are responsive, if possible, to feedback from others about our independent decisions.

13. Decisions are reviewed if someone puts them on the formal meeting agenda. We then seek consensus on the change. If a new idea doesn't get consensus, the old decision stands.

14. We pay from communal funds at present. We seek group coverage for major medical expenses.

15. No--though at present we all share a sense of the oneness of the universe.

16. Sec 434.
The group provides food shelter, medical expenses, minimal clothing, phone service, newspapers, transportation, recycled paper, postage stamps, office supplies, other household type things, bedding, and furniture as available.
We provide, from our commmunal wages, other items for personal use--special clothing, amusements, books, musical stuff, tobacco, alcohol, etc.

17. With the size group that we are and that we intend to be, it seems unlikely that we would take in a member who would consistently not follow our norms. If it should happen we would give feedback about our feelings, probably to the point where that person would decide they didn't want to stay with us. For less constant disregard for our norms we have a shared set of values about communication and encounter meetings where the lapses would be discussed and agreements ade about how that person could better meet our expectations.
B. We have encounter meetings to work through personal hassles. When violence would occur we would devote as much energy as necessary to find better ways for that person to deal with those feelings.