Acorn Community

There are about 28 adults that live here at the moment, with ages ranging from about 20 to 65. We are an egalitarian, consensus-based, and income-sharing community. We focus on trying to develop our community around clear and positive communication both in and out of consensus meetings. Our recreation consists of jam sessions, hot tubs, campfires, good food, playing board and card games, and going to the nearby college town for outings. We also go to our nearby sister community Twin Oaks often for parties and other fun group activities. Our income comes from our businesses on the farm.

We are very excited about our mail-order seed business, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. We specialize in heirloom varieties to conserve and distribute rare and endangered varieties of vegetables and encourage seed saving by offering open-pollinated varieties. We grow much of this seed on our 72 acres of beautiful, certified organic land, which borders on the South Anna River. We offer over 500 varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

To schedule a visit, contact us by email at [email protected] with the information requested on our website.


Indian Creek Road
Mineral, Virginia 23117

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Commune Starter Kit by Rejoice, 7 months ago

At our annual assembly, the Federation was inundated with new, freshly-forming communities.  It was amazing!  It was overwhelming!  And it was viewed by many as a valuable opportunity to reinvigorate a stalled project...

2016 Assembly of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities by Rejoice, 9 months ago

The annual assembly for the FEC takes place during March, in an attempt to happen at the beginning of the year when it's least inconvenient to everyone.  We have gardeners whose season hasn't yet kicked into high gear, a goat herd who's fielding baby goats (conveniently within range of the assembly), outdoor workers whose season hasn't totally started yet, and people to whom the changing of seasons has absolutely no effect.

Mutual aid slaughter and butchering trip from East Wind by Rejoice, 10 months ago

The Federation of Egalitarian Communities has a Mutual Aid Scholarship Fund designed to fund communards in learning and developing skills that are beneficial to their communities.  Over the last two years, this fund is used for individual communards (Ingrid and Darles from Acorn, and Petey of East Wind) to go to workshops on topics such as permaculture […]

Goodbye Old Friend by Mac, 1 year ago

    Dear Falling Down Shed, We will miss you, friend. You’ve done so much in your long life, and we will always remember you fondly.  Like that one time you used to live near the road and they had to drag you all the way up to your new home, some 50 years ago?  You […]

Summer 2015 Group Photo by Rejoice, 1 year ago

  There’s no perfect version where we’re all looking at the camera and not making goofy faces… but here it is.  We’re in front of our new office, showing off the mural that the good folks of Little Flower Catholic Worker house helped us put up. Sitting in the front row: Lily (pig), Rejoice, Luna, […]