Starting a Community!

So you want to start an Egalitarian Community...

Welcome to the Community Creation information Packet by the Federation of Egalitarian Communities.

This packet is a compilation of many articles on Community Creation. We are continually adding information and articles, and your feedback and questions let us know what information is relevant and useful. If you have questions or problems that are not addressed in here, please email them to [email protected]

We have structured this packet into 6 areas.

1: Organizing a Core Group

This section is focused on the early steps of community creation and the organization of the core set of people who will do the hard work of making the community a reality.

2: Getting Legal

This section discusses the various ways of setting up your communities corporate structure and tax status.

3: Funding

How will you and your future communards fund your communities creation? This section deals with the issues of funding.

4: Putting Down Roots

This section will help guide you through the purchase of real estate.

5: Creating Your Culture

This section deals with the plethora of questions and issues new communities face, along with suggested ways of dealing with these issues.

6: Resources

This section provides links to books, articles, conferences and other resources for you to persue.