United against slavery?

Marie-Jeanne Rossignol returns to the origins of the movement for equal political rights in the United States, whose origins are

The characters of Garamont

The story of Claude Garamont, if he is not the author of the characters that bear his name, is also

Israel and the hostage question

The scale of the kidnappings of Israeli civilians on October 7 is unprecedented. How have Israeli doctrine and practice evolved

Crimes of modernity

Two texts by the great Japanese sociologist Munesuke Mita, combining the inspiration of Sartre and that of Bourdieu, analyze the

Political narratives of radicalism

The notion of radicalization has been the subject of much ink in recent years, but remains relatively confused. States seeking

Wise bottles

Philosophy has its say on wine: on its definition, on its tasting, on what it inspires, but also on the