Projects of the FEC

The FEC attempts to support its member communities by encouraging skill-building, sharing, and travel between the communities, as well as offering support to communities as a whole.

Each member community and Community-in-Dialogue can chooses one or two official delegates to communicate with the FEC and participate in the official decision-making process.  We make most of our decisions by consensus of all delegates.  (In event of a complete breakdown of compromise, a decision can be made by a majority of full member communities based on population.)  Any member of any FEC community may contact the delegates for any reason; talk to your delegate to facilitate this, or contact the Secretary if your community is left delegate-less.


Some specific projects of the FEC include:

Labor Exchange (LEX)

Mutual Aid Scholarship Fund (MASF)

Preservation of Equity Accessible for Community Health (PEACH)

Community Loan Funds