Stigmatized lites

Trajectories of high social mobility are often read as one of class dynamics, without the question of their racial dimension

By Baruch Weil Marcel Proust

Was Proust djudaseven anti-Smitism as they say? the occasion of an exhibition at the Museum of Art and History of

The return of the order of the debt

Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, political and banking authorities seemed to free themselves from budgetary concerns. But now that the

The endless fraud of the powerful

Drawing on his research on corruption and white-collar crime among the ruling classes, Pierre Lascoumes immerses us in the institutional

From one heatwave to another

The heatwave is an intense meteorological phenomenon, but also a social and urban catastrophe. This is what the summer of

What death says about life

Forensic medicine makes it possible to produce administrative documentation used in court decisions. Ethnography of the morgue in India shows

Plastic of capitalism

Two hundred years after his birth in the West in XIXe century, capitalism has become a culture in the broad

August readings

La Vie des ides is on vacation. We will be back at the end of August. In the meantime, here

The hidden faces of the flows

Logistics workers occupy a growing place in the working world. An ethnographic survey, illustrated by photographs, compares the situations of

The threat from space

Is spatial expansion, which many are intoxicated with without critical perspective, really desirable?? D. Deudney maintains that it creates new