Community in Dialogue

Community-In-Dialogue Status

If a community is seeking FEC membership but is not yet at the point where the Assembly will approve its application, that community may apply for Community-in-Dialogue (CID) status. For a community to be accepted as a CID, the Assembly need only be convinced that the community is actively working toward meeting the membership criteria, and that there exists a mutual desire for cooperation between the community and the FEC.

The Assembly shall not be obliged to accept a community as a CID, even if it is working toward meeting the membership criteria, if it is felt that the community in question is actively contradicting those criteria (e.g., using violence, being governed by a leader or minority, discriminating on any of the grounds outlined in the Federation’s basic principles).

A Community-in-Dialogue shall:

  1. Maintain an active relationship with at least one FEC community through activities such as visiting or labor exchange, written communication, attendance at conferences, etc.;
  2. Attend FEC assemblies if they so desire, and participate in discussions on a limited basis;
  3. Pay an annual base tax of $100, plus $5 per working member. This fee covers short listings in the FEC brochure, general administrative overhead, and other benefits that may be offered by the Assembly;
  4. Be eligible to participate in FEC projects specifically designated by the Assembly (e.g., conferences, training programs, etc.) on the same basis as members, but with the understanding that FEC members receive space priority. For some projects, if a CID wishes to participate, payment of a proportional tax equivalent to the share paid by a member community may be required; and
  5. Have their status reviewed annually by the Assembly.

A Community-in-Dialogue shall not:

  1. Vote upon or ratify decisions of the Assembly; or
  2. Be eligible for transportation subsidies without approval.