FEC Membership Questionnaire

FEC Membership Questionnaire

Ownership of Property

1. Who holds legal title to the land?

2. What is held in common, and what is owned by individuals? If anything is owned privately, are there any restrictions on what kind or how much?

3. What happens to the community's assets if it decides to disband?


4. What is the procedure for becoming a member? Are there any membership requirements? Do you accept children, and, if so, at what point do children become members?

5. How many members do you currently have? How long have they been members? How many members have you had in the past? What are the most you have had at one time? How many members do you intend to have? How long has the group been in existence?

6. Under what conditions could someone lose co's membership? What would the expulsion procedure be?


7. How do you organize your income-producing and domestic work? How do you decide who does what?

8. Do members take vacations, and if so, how is it decided who goes, when, and for how long?


9. How do you make money? What is the community's gross annual income? How do you foresee making money in the future?

10. How do you decide to spend money?

11. Do members get money to spend on themselves? If so, how is it decided who gets how much? If members get different amounts, what are these amounts based on?


12. How are major and minor community decisions made?

13. How can existing decisions be changed?

Health, Affiliation, and Welfare

14. How does your community deal with members' major and minor medical problems?

15. Does your community have any religious affiliation or creed?

16. What does the group provide for its members, and what are members expected to provide for themselves?

17. How does the group deal with members who do not follow group rules or norms? How does the group deal with acts of physical and verbal violence?