Labor and Money Dues Formula

Please make checks payable to The Federation of Egalitarian Communities. 


No labor dues required.

$100 plus $5 per adult working member per year.

Full Member Communities

Ten hours per adult working member per year, plus time to attend our annual Assembly, including travel to and from Assembly, per year. (Each community is invited to send up to two delegates to each Assembly, paid for by the FEC.)

In the first year of being a full member in the FEC, a community pays $200 in dues. In the second year, a community pays $200 plus .5% of their "net income." In the third year and thereafter, full members of the FEC pay $200 + 1% of their "net income" per year. To determine a community's dues for a particular year, we calculate their "net income" for the previous calendar year.

The way the FEC defines "net income" is "gross business income" plus "miscellaneous income" minus "direct business expenses."

"Gross business income" is all money that comes in from the sale of community services and/or products.

"Miscellaneous income" is income not connected to community businesses, such as investments, interest income, social security and rents (or any other income that appears on individual tax returns but not on the community's tax return).

"Direct business expenses" are defined as monetary business expenses related directly to the creation or delivery of products and services, such as the cost of raw materials, marketing, packaging, etc. Interest expense is also deducted. We don't deduct depreciation and amortization for major assets, even if they're used for business purposes; note that this is a significant departure from the way the Federal government calculates taxable income. (Also, we don't deduct anything for the time we work in our businesses.)