By Baruch Weil Marcel Proust

Was Proust djudaseven anti-Smitism as they say? the occasion of an exhibition at the Museum of Art and History of Judaism and the publication of his work Proust on the Jewish sideAntoine Compagnon takes stock of what we know about the writer's maternal family and his reception by Zionist circles in the 1920s.

Antoine Compagnon, of the French Academy, meritorious professor at the College de France, recently published The Library of Stories (Gallimard) Proust on the Jewish sideand provided scientific advice to the exhibition Proust on the side of the mother which is being held until August 28 at the Museum of Art and History of Judaism in Paris.

In this interview, he explains the reasons which pushed him to investigate the writer's maternal family, going back to the patriarch Baruch, the great-grandfather founder of a great line, and his own reading method.

Interview: Cline Surprising. Shooting and editing: Ariel Suhamy.