Future, what waiting time?

The time we live in, that of climate and energy transition, is characterized by the feelings of urgency that accompany waiting. When will the changes so often announced take place, for better or for worse?? How to reconcile the time of waiting and that of action?

Humanity today must face unprecedented environmental upheavals, caused by its activity: climate change, depletion of natural resources, loss of biodiversity, etc.

In response to these major risks, our century is called upon to imagine new sustainable solutions for our environment. This is the meaning of the Sustainable Common Future initiative bringing together professors from the College de France around the problem of climate and energy transition.

How long is left before the plant becomes uninhabitable? But also, how long to develop new energy resources? How to decide when any forecast contains some uncertainty? Can legal standards adapt quickly enough to respond to the challenges of transition?? What lessons can we learn from history??

These questions involve confronting the various conceptions of time specific to each discipline inviting us to collaborate in this enterprise: philosophy, physics, history, law, economics.

In this context, the conference Future, what time to waitwhich will take place on May 10 at the College de France, aims to analyze the notions of time, urgency and forecasting, adopting the form of an interdisciplinary dialogue.

The conference program:

Philippe Aghion, economist, Green innovation and the cost of delay

Patrick Boucheron, historian, History of missing time

Serge Haroche, physicist, Nobel Prize 2012, Time in physics

Herv Le Treut, climatologist, former member of the IPCC, Times of climate change: forecasts

Dario Mantovani, jurist and legal historian, Forecasting and visions of the weather

Batrice Parance, lawyer, Time, nature and law

Sylvain Piron, historian, Forecasting, prophecy and ecology

Jean-Marie Tarascon, chemist, New technologies: what time from concept to product?

Claudine Tiercelin, philosopher, The philosophical notion of time

Two round tables will conclude the morning and afternoon sessions. They will be moderated respectively by Christian Gollier, economist, and Thierry Derez, CEO of Cova.

May 10, 2022, at the Collge de France, 11 Place Marcelin Berthelot 75005 Paris. Marguerite de Navarre Amphitheater, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Free access, without prior registration.

As a preview of this meeting, the Life of ideas met the organizer of this conference, the historian of Roman law Dario Mantovanias well as the historian Patrick Boucheronthe lawyer Batrice Parancethe chemist specializing in renewable energies Jean-Marie Tarasconthe climate physicist Herv Le Treut.

Presentation of the Conference by Dario Mantovani


Interview: Cline Surprising. Shooting and editing: Ariel Suhamy.

Patrick Boucheron: The story of the Future


Interview: Cline Surprising. Shooting & editing: Ariel Suhamy.

Batrice Parance: The time of law


Interview: Benjamin Campech. Shooting & editing: Ariel Suhamy.

Jean-Marie Tarascon: The time for technological innovation


Interview: Benjamin Campech. Shooting & editing: Ariel Suhamy.

Herv Le Treut: Climate and forecast.


Interview: Benjamin Campech. Shooting & editing: Ariel Suhamy.