Israel: is peace still possible?

Between Israel and Palestine, all kinds of solutions have been considered since 1948; none were successful. Henry Laurens traces its history.

Currently holds the chair of contemporary history of the Arab world at the Collge de France, Henry Laurens is also a professorINALCO and member of the High Council of the Arab World Institute. He is the author of numerous works, including a history of Palestine in three volumes: The question of Palestine, I) the invention of the Holy LandParis, Fayard, 1999; The question of Palestine, II) A sacred mission of civilizationParis, Fayard, 2002; The question of Palestine, III) The fulfillment of propheciesParis, Fayard, 2007, as well as The crises of the East in two volumes (Fayard, 2017-2019). Latest work published: The tax passFayard 2022.

Filming: A. Poucet, editing: A. Suhamy.