Justice before the state

For the anthropologist Christophe Darmangeat, societies without a state and devoid of wealth, such as those of the Australian Aborigines, nonetheless possess forms of organized violence, of which he proposes a typology. Against a tenacious idea, he also emphasizes that these societies can practice war, as an extension of justice.


Shooting and editing: Ariel Suhamy.

Christophe Darmangeat is a lecturer in economics at the University of Paris, holder of an authorization to direct research in social anthropology from the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences and member of the LADYSS. His research focuses on the question of war, wealth and the sexual division of labor in primitive societies. He notably published Primitive communism is no longer what it used to be (Smolny, 2012), Conversations on the origins of inequality (Agone, 2013), Profit deciphered (The City is Burning, 2016) and Justice and War in Aboriginal Australia (Smolny, 2021). He also maintains a blog called La hut des classes.