Marronnages, racial issues in review

For several years, the social sciences have taken up issues related to race, racism and discrimination. A new magazine, Marooningsintends to keep the debate alive and transmit the knowledge acquired.

Review Marooningsfounded in 2021 by a collective of researchers based in France and abroad, published its first issue on the Racism in court in December 2022. Fully accessible online, the journal intends to pass through the social sciences questions linked to racism and anti-racism, processes of racialization and ethnicization, and discrimination. Its founders wish to link the voices of the South and the North, take crossroads and create a space for creativity on these subjects. The editor-in-chief of the journal is Abdellali Hajjat ​​(Free University of Brussels), and its publishing directors are Mathias Mschel and Lionel Zevounou.

To talk about the journal’s project and its influences, The Life of Ideas spoke with Silyane Larcher (co-founder of the journal, research manager at CNRS in political science and Associate Professor in Gender & Sexuality Studies Northwestern University) and Lionel Zevounou (co-founder and member of the editorial committee of the journal, lecturer in public law at the University of Paris Nanterre and junior member of the Institut universitaire de France).

Shooting & editing: A. Suhamy.