The genius of the ear

Giving voice to great texts: ric Chartier has made it his vocation, both on the stage of theaters where he alone embodies novels and essays, and in the development of educational tools intended to introduce the greatest number to literature, overcoming the obstacle of the thing prints.

Julien Gracq said of him that he had given a new volume his works. For more than 40 years, ric Chartier has performed large sections of French literature on stage. These are thousands of pages of Saint-Simon, Rousseau and Diderot, Tocqueville, Stendhal and Flaubert, Proust, which are not only imprinted in his memory, but which are embodied in his voice and his body, revealing the dramatic and emotional potentialities of the writing of novelists and philosophers, and echoing the ancient profession of rhapsode.

Long-term work which also gave him the idea of ​​designing an ambitious educational program, entitled Rhapsod-AI, mobilizing IT tools, artificial intelligence and 3D to assist the eye through the ear in learning literature. Because the ear, according to the actor, has its own genius, which centuries of printing have obscured.

Photography: Gilles Nadeau. Editing: Ariel Suhamy