The work has become unsustainable

The French do not refuse work, but working conditions have become much harsher and a lack of recognition of the efforts made. Numerous surveys show that this deterioration is more significant in France than elsewhere in Europe.

Dominique Mda is professor of sociology and director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Social Sciences (IRISSO) Paris Dauphine University-PSL. She is the author of around twenty works, alone or in collaboration, devoted to work, employment, social policies and ecological reconversion. Among his works: The Mystic of Growth. How to free yourself from it; Reinventing workwith Patricia Vendramin; Another path is possible. Towards a social-ecological model with Eric Heyer and Pascal Lokiec. Latest work published: Isabelle Ferreras, Julie Battilana, Dominique Mda, Work Manifesto. Democratize. Decommodify. DepolluteSeuil, 2020. We will find Dominique Mda's analyzes on the labor crisis in France in his text for the series What do we know about work? gathered by the LIEPP from Sciences Po.

Filming, editing: A. Suhamy.