Full Membership Process - Community Autonomy - 2010

[Excerpt from Entrance Structure]

9. Provisional Membership: All members begin as Provisional Members for
a period not less than three months and no more than a year. During this
time, they are considered a Member of the Community in every respect but
two: a) they are exempt from the financial constraints and obligations; and,
b) they do not have the power to block consensus in Community decisions.
The Community reserves the right to revoke Provisional Membership at any
time. The Provisional Member may end their membership at any time. If the
Provisional Member is not already living with the Community the buddy will
invite them to move into the house, contingent upon space.

10. Through the duration of Provisional Membership, the buddy has regular
monthly check-ins (from the date of the Provisional Membership beginning).

11. At any time after three months and before one year of Provisional
Membership, the Provisional Member should request an interview for Full
Membership, if Full Membership is their desire (Full Membership entails:
financial contribution, assets disclosure, participation in decision making
process, and signing of legal documents).

13. Immediately After the interview (or within 48 hours ), the Full Members
meet to decide whether to accept the Provisional Member as a Full Member,
deny their membership, or extend the provisional period.

14. The Member is notified of the decisions. If a Provisional Member's Full
Membership is rejected and if extending the provisional period is rejected,
and living space is needed, they will be given at least 30 days to leave
barring extreme circumstances.