East Wind Democracy Proposal

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Tax Information Package - East Wind Democracy Proposal
East Wind

Tax Information Package - EW-TXP2

East Wind Democracy Proposal

June 1977-December 1977

*All full members attending a planners meeting have one full vote.

*Provisional members have fractions of votes; 2 mo. Residence and 6 meetings attended-1/4 vote, 4 mo. Residence and 12 meetings attended-1/2 vote.

*These votes may be cast by the person coself or by a proxy of their choosing.

*Proxies may be any person who is a full member or the Board of Planners.

*No proxy, except for the Board of Planners, may represent more than 1/3 of the total votes.

*A quorum is necessary for the membership to have a vote, and representation of 2/3 of the votes will constitute a quorum.

*Decisions will be decided by a majority of the quorum.

*The Board of Planners will act as an advisory board by being the first to cast their votes.

*The Board of Planners will be the only people who receive labor credit for community meetings.

*During emergencies or when there is no quorum, Planners will make decisions by voting.

*Managers, Planners and Stand-ins are appointed by the Planners in private session.

We held two meetings without a board of planners and two meetings without quorum. One meeting didn't happen because of the lack of both a board and a quorum.

We made 202 decisions.
93 decisions were made by voice-vote (46%)
The Planners were overridden by proxy democracy 11 times (5.4%)
People present voted different than the Planners 15 times (7.4%)
People present voted different than the proxy democracy 9 times (4%)
The average attendance for all recorded votes was 41%