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Tax Information Package - EW-TXP1 - East Wind Government Proposal
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Tax Information Package - EW-TXP1

East Wind Government Proposal

The following is a proposal for the government paragraph of East Wind's bylaws. The addition at the bottom is an amendment to the proposal.

East Wind may govern itself by any reasonable means which its members desire and may under any such system either elect or appoint officers, committees, or decision-makers as it sees fit. Also it may change its form of government at any time and as many times as it wishes, provided only the following:

a) That at all times and under any and all forms of government a 2/3 majority of its full members, as defined by these bylaws, may make, modify, or reverse any decisions made by any decision maker(s) or process, and that their decision is binding upon the community (unless and except such a decision be in violation of these bylaws or articles of incorporation). Likewise, a 2/3 majority of full members may remove from office any officer or decision-maker for any reason.

b) That any change from one form of government to another form shall be arrived at by the normal process of the form of government which precedes it, or else by a vote of aforesaid 2/3 majority of the full members.

In addition: after 5 years of any one form of government a vote of confidence shall be called. If the existing form of government does not receive a majority vote of confidence of the full members, that form of government shall be replaced as soon as a new form can be devised and receive a 2/3 majority vote of the full members.