East Wind as member of FEC

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East Wind Community is an egalitarian intentional community that was founded in 1973 and is located on more than 1000 acres of woods, hills and meadows in the Missouri Ozarks. The majority of members assent to all decisions by which they live. They do not dictate manners of living so long as members do their fair share of labor and not break our bylaws.

Their land, residences, domestic facilities, businesses and labor are all held in common by the membership. All income received is regarded as communal income. Expenses are communal obligations. The community provides food, clothes, childcare, health care, transportation and whatever else the membership deems appropriate. These entitlements are distributed among the members in a fair and equitable manner.

They encourage cooperation and discourage competitive behavior. Even so, they are not utopia. Conflicts occur, causing occasional departures. Turnover of members and failure to attract or retain people with specialized skills slows us down. These struggles aside, they are proud of what They have accomplished over the years and are enthusiastic about the future. Our location is scenic and rural. They support their selves entirely from our communal businesses and are a thriving example of economic and social democracy. Of course there are time they might need to be on loan company just to sustain their expense in some ways, especially at times of economic meltdown

East Wind is an active member of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities (FEC), a network of secular groups devoted to equality, ecology, cooperation and nonviolence. They challenge ingrained habits of oppression. They support men and women to break free of traditional gender roles. Children are not ordered around. Gay people are free to be themselves. They look forward to becoming a more racially and culturally diverse group, as they celebrate our differences and are enriched there from.

See more at FEC for insightful articles. Share and give your opinion, that is what egalitarian community really is.


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