East Brook Community Farm

We've got 92 acres of beautiful land in the Catskill mountains, about two acres of no-till permaculture gardens in which we grow produce for food and sale through CSA and local farmers markets, 70-80 egg-laying hens, nine cows, 100+ fruit and nut trees, several functioning scythes we mow with, five cats (two indoor), and five humans.  We've got an amazing, spacious kitchen in an 1884, seven-bedroom farmhouse.  Our house, animals, and gardens are fed by two of several plentiful springs in the higher parts of our land.  We also have the East Brook meandering through the lowest part of our land with nice places for swimming.

Connecting with and serving the wider community are important values for us.  We expect the products and services we offer to the world to shift and change over time.  We'd like to be facilitating educational workshops of different kinds at least once-a-week.  We like to put on playful and socially enriching events like full moon dance parties, check-in with each other regularly, play transparent communication games, make time to hold space for each other in various combinations, mending/writing/art nights, sing-a-longs, etc...  Right now, we live an intimate life with each other, living in the same house, much like a close-knit family would, eating dinner and most meals together daily.  We're inspired by the values of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities (www.thefec.org), but right now, are not exclusively income-sharing; *people choose how they'd like to offer their gifts (time/attention/labor/$) to meet communal needs*.  This is how things are here now based on the infrastructure and people we have.  We feel open and expect things to shift here in unforeseeable ways based on the inclinations each new person will bring with them.  We envision our population on this land growing into an interdependent village with up to a couple dozen people with varying focuses and degrees of involvement and connection.  We can imagine many possibilities of living harmoniously with people who want to live more separate lives as well as those who want to live in more intimate family groupings.  We're drawn to remain open to allow things to evolve naturally.  We welcome and support each individual to practice Self-Management, bring forth their Wholeness into the community, and sense into their individual life purpose (then envision how and whether it is aligned with the Evolutionary Purpose of the community).

Right now, (Nov. 2017) we're looking for self-directed people who:

  • Want to take on managing our regenerative market garden (starting in 2018), one of our primary sources of income.  We have an established customer base through farmers markets, CSA, and wholesale.
  • Who feel excited about co-creating inter-generational intentional community here with us and co-envisioning our offerings to the wider community.  We're a permaculture farm and education center.  We practice Compassionate Communication weekly among other personal growth-oriented activities and hope to soon diversify our public offerings.
  • Whose passions are managing beef cattle, chickens and ducks, a sheep or goat operation, infrastructure development, organizing resilient ecological living workshops (like permaculture, scything, fermentation, mushroom cultivation, perennials, herbal medicine-making, etc...), or healthy culture workshops (art night, play church, breathwork, storytelling, sing-a-longs, ecstatic dance, yoga classes, mutual peer mentorship and life coaching, emotional healing, meditation classes, conflict resolution, etc...)
  • Who would love to join us in our intentional exploration, discovery, and embodiment of a healthy, heart-centered culture.  Our culture is fundamentally important to us.  We expect and support each other to actively strive toward showing up with our whole selves (sharing about our emotional, spiritual, and creative sides with each other), to embody healthy leadership, considerate decision-making, healthy collaboration, self-management, an ability to listen and appreciate differing points of view from our own, and meet people where they're at.  We're fostering these things here by doing different forms of personal growth practices - collectively and individually.

If you want to know more or possibly visit, start a dialog with us over email.  Let us know a bit about you and what you feel drawn to with regards to us.


2253 Co Hwy 22
Walton NY, 13856

Phone Number
(607) 865-5529