Home.... Ive been on the road for a little over 2 weeks now and I wont see my home for another week. Now let me say up front I have been on an amazing adventure deserving of a blog of its own , but right now, today I miss this view. Sometimes when people say why do you live there, I smile my personal little smile and close my eyes and think of this view. I've walked most of what you see, I look silently at this view most every day I have seen the sunset and rise a thousand times here, I know over that ridge lies Arkansas I know the creek that in the morning after a cool night offers a fog that circles our valley like the end of a magic wand. It's my home I watch the leaves grow and turn I watch storms roll in over the ridge. This is the reason I go to work on days when nothing else makes sense, This is the reason I smile to myself while I sit at the bus station waiting for my next uncomfortable trip on the dog, this is my happy place this is my home.


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