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The Jolly Ranchers

The Jolly Ranchers are a family style commune in a diverse urban setting in Seattle, Washington. We own two houses on a corner lot that has garden space, a small green house, and a modest woodworking shop. The property is slowly very slowly being renovated as time allows. We are currently three members, several guests, three cats, and two dogs. We have no children, but would welcome them.

We practice consensus in all matters concerning the group, serve vegetarian meals, tend an organic garden, and work at jobs that reflect our values and that we think make a positive impact in our community.

We believe that careful examination of words and actions in a compassionate environment results in more ethical behavior, deeper intimacy, and happier healthier lives. Practically, this means we spend a lot of our time talking about our "stuff," which requires a certain level of self-esteem. We go pretty deep, but don't take ourselves too seriously. We don't have everything worked out, and use a patchwork quilt of borrowed methodologies that we've discovered work well.

The Jolly Ranchers are devoted to egalitarianism and as such, are a money sharing community. All earned income is deposited in a joint account held by members from which the mortgage, bills and household expenses (including food) are paid. Members are paid discretionary money for their work at a rate decided upon by consensus. Upon membership all prior financial holdings must be held in trust and not used while a member.

We are excited about what we are doing, and looking for new members. Visitors are welcome. Interested inquiries will receive a packet containing our vision statement, membership criteria and a short history of the Jolly Ranchers.

2711 S. Elmwood Place
Seattle, WA 98144-3131
Phone: (206) 322-8071
email: jollyranchers@ic.org
web: www.jollyranchers.org