Extra-Ordinary Food Budget - 2011

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Extra-Ordinary Food Budget
proposed by Mac and GPaul on 11/13/11
consensed upon with revisions 11/14/11

We want to encourage enthusiastic cooks to prepare tasty and interesting meals.
We want to facilitate a diversity of cooks and meals.
We want to be restrained and thrifty in our food purchasing.

Therefore we propose:
For meals using ingredients not usually stocked at Acorn, we will budget $50 per week for such extra-ordinary ingredients.
A sign-up sheet will be posted on which cooks can propose a meal and an approximate budget for it and then Acorners can vote for the various options. Acorners may vote for as many options as they like but may only vote once per option.
Once a week, a responsible person will tally the votes and the meal with the most votes will be approved. If there is any money left over in the week’s budget and there are proposed meals which could be made with the remainder they will also be approved (if there is more than one the one with the most votes wins). This continues until the week’s budget has been apportioned or all meals are approved.
Approved meals will be noted as such and, when they are served, removed from the list while not yet approved meals will remain on the list, possibly to be approved in subsequent weeks.
Excess money does not roll over to the following week. There is no requirement that the whole budget be spent.

As with all proposals:
Let’s try this for a while and see how it works.
Let us be reasonable.
If you want to make an exception, bring it to meeting.
We can do whatever we want if we all agree to it.

Initially, Stephanie has volunteered to be the responsible person tallying the votes once a week.

Sign up sheet can be found on the network.