Housing and Membership Limit - 1993

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11.2 - Housing and Membership Limit
Community Meeting, Sept. 1993

East Wind’s active membership may not exceed the number of standard private spaces we have and such doubles as may be designated by the Board. The Board may choose to set the member-ship limit below the number of spaces we have. An example of when this might be done is to have set aside space for full members returning from leave, community financial difficulties, or when extensive repair work needs to be done on rooms or buildings.

When there are more people who have been accepted for membership than there are rooms and spaces to house them, there will be a waiting list for housing.
When there is a gender imbalance we will accept members according to this proposal until 50/50 is reached.

If there is a waiting list and a gender imbalance in which one gender is greater than 55% of the adult population (children not considered), the minority gender will be given available housing at the rate of three of the minority gender to one of the majority gender. The first to receive housing after the legislation is passed will be the person longest on the waiting list regardless of gender and will go in the prescribed order from that point.

5) When a gender balance of at least 55/45 has been sustained for two months, and a waiting list is still in effect, new members will be given housing in the order of their joining without regard to gender until one gender reaches more than 55% of the adult population. This legislation does not expire upon reaching gender balance but will come into effect and go out of effect according to conditions indicated above.

6) If there is a gender imbalance and there is nobody of the minority gender on the waiting list or none willing to return at that time, the membership manager may hold a place for a person of the minority gender (either on the waiting list or prospective member) for up to one month, providing there is a likelihood of that person being able to occupy the space within that time. If not then the manager must give the room to the next person on the waiting list. The membership manager will, in these circumstances, attempt to maintain the 3 to 1 ratio over time even if it means having to accept 4 or more of the minority gender in a row on occasion.

7) The Board or its designated deputy will determine what housing spaces are standard and may temporarily designate substandard spaces as standard when members (not on the waiting list) are interested in residing in them. The Board or its deputy may make additional policies to administer the membership ceiling and the waiting list.

8) Full members returning from leave may choose to tent or camp or double with another member who offers this accommodation if a room is not available. The first available room will go to the full member returned from leave.

9) Associates and other temporary members will not be guaranteed standard housing. The Board may make additional policies concerning associates or temporary members.

10) The membership manager will have responsibility and authority to:
maintain the waiting list
make recommendations to the Board for additional policies regarding the administration of the membership ceiling and the waiting list.
hold a space for a prospective member of minority gender for up to a month in order to better maintain the 3 to 1 ratio indicated above.

11) This legislation makes null and void the Housing and Membership Limits legislation passed by community meeting on 3/14/86.